Winning is Everything

I actually watched this race live last year, and was so excited I woke up our sleeping baby daughter. I tend to do that. I had forgotten about this finish until seeing it again on the new blog dedicated to all things gearhead and cool, . I love it.

This footage says a lot to me about the lengths we go to in order to win. Let me set the stage… This race at Sebring in Florida is a 12 hour endurance race. That is a lot of laps, and winning is an incredible combination of planning, strategy, durability, avoiding fatigue, and seizing opportunities. Multiples of opportunities. The track itself is brutal with pavement breaks and cracks. It is very hard on the cars, I’ve been there to see it myself. In most cases, races of this type are won by a number of laps, and tend to be anticlimactic. This was a rare and wonderful finish, with two very evenly matched and similarly performing racing cars battling it out to the very end. Both drivers were at the limit of their abilities and of the performance envelopes for their cars. Both drivers were intently focused on finding and seizing an opportunity. Both drivers knew that second place may as well be last place, that losing is not an option. Both drivers were risking everything. This is competition, this is what it takes to win. The driver of the winning Ferrari sums it up nicely at the end when he says “I never give up.”

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