Ten Laws of Constructive Capitalism

I have watched Umair Haque’s presentation on at the Daytona Sessions three times in the last week. Since getting turned on to the thinking of Haque, it’s been a somewhat immersive exercise. I wrote about Haque’s Smart Growth Manifesto just a few days ago. His presentation on Constructive Capitalism, though, has kept me thinking and going back to watch it again. This is because Haque puts together a tight and compelling package that not only illustrates how we have arrived at current state (there’s plenty of that), but also illustrates some incredibly smart thinking on unwinding the challenges we now find ourselves in. I love that this is summed up succinctly in one of his first slides simply as:

The Ten Laws of Constructive Capitalism

  1. Strategy is a commodity
  2. Competition is obsolete
  3. There is nothing more asymmetrical than an ideal
  4. Tomorrow is today
  5. Connections not transactions
  6. People, not product
  7. Creativity, not productivity
  8. Outcomes not incomes
  9. Advantage is in the DNA
  10. The next revolution is institutional

He goes into detail on what is behind each of these, but I believe they are incredibly self-explanatory. Either way, you should definitely free up an hour to hear what Haque has to say on this, his presentation is excellent:

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  1. Sean Says:

    That is great stuff and follows what I have been thinking; that the traditional way of doing business or capitalism or the economy as a whole has failed to create real sustainable growth and that an entirely new system will be required to create growth again and that the companies which are growing, opperate in an entirely different way than the traditional companies which have been laying off and seeing their share prices shrink

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