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The Future of Beachfront Real Estate

Friday, July 25th, 2008

That’s because with the current prognostications of global warming and climate change the beachfront real estate that we all know and love may be disappearing. With focus being put on the possibility of complete loss of Arctic ice, rising sea levels, and the resulting inundation of cities like New York, London, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of Japan… places where some huge percentage of the world’s populations make their homes and places that many also like to travel to while on vacation, who is preparing themselves for this possible bleak future for the coastal areas and vacation prospects? The wealthy, with the help of and in the UK. By 2010 those with means should be able to choose from a fleet of 40 different yachts of the future designed by Foster + Partners. Actually, I exaggerate a bit as the plan is for these yachts to be leased for vacations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean complete with a captain and support staff. YachtPlus claims this scheme is a “financially sensible” way for you to partake in the joys of luxury yachting. I have no idea how financial sensibility and luxury yachting can mutually coexist, but I digress.

The most interesting story here for me, though, is that an architecture design firm is designing this fleet of 40 luxury yachts. This is oddly coincidental as the week before last a co-worker asked me if we had considered diversifying our services into yacht and cruise ship design. Honestly, up to that point I do not believe that we had. Perhaps, in the interest of business model innovation, this should be seriously considered. Perhaps not. Everything else asside, the design of the yachts does indeed strike me as innovative and interesting: