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OMA’s “The Rotterdam”

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Time to distract your attention from the deluge of architecture going down in Dubai and Beijing for a moment. I just watched this short animation of a building is doing in Rotterdam, aptly named “The Rotterdam”, in conjunction with progressive development concern MAB. Note at the beginning of the animation the brief review of the program for the building, which takes a very literal and typically separated use division and mashes it up in an incredibly hyperrational manner. This approach to defining building program has been used with success by OMA and is essentially what in 2006 with regards to OMA’s approach to the Seattle Public Library (a project that has met with some controversy before and after completion). This hyperrational approach is one that seems to tightly entwine form with function to the degree that function begins to bring definition to form. While this may be an accepted best practice in many design fields (UX rules!), it is still surprisingly novel in the world of architecture design.

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