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Hot, Red, and Fast: Ferrari V4 Concept

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Visually beautiful, modern, and purposeful. I would ride this, but prefer my motorcycles in low-visibility black. Summing up this concept motorcycle from :

“The concept motorbike is the work of Israeli designer Amir Glinik, who centered his design around the theoretical application of the Ferrari Enzo’s V12 engine, chopped down to four cylinders and modified to drive just one wheel in a motorcycle frame. Around the V4 engine, Glinik has designed a fluid shape that may appear more futuristic in its styling than inspired by current roadcar designs, but certainly catches your attention. Glinik has even planned out the theoretical controls, which blend elements from an F-16 fighter jet (more common in his home country than Ferraris, anyway) and the Scuderia’s high-tech Formula One steering wheel, supplemented by a weatherproof touch-screen LCD atop the fuel tank.”

There is a convergence of technologies and materials happening that, when added to the forces driving change with regards to how we get from one place to another, is going to yield some incredible advances in transportation design over the next decade. I am both optimistic and excited for what these advances will reveal, and I believe that this motorcycle concept embodies some of what I am optimistic for with regards to design.