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Digital Disruption

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I’ve always found military disruption patterns and camouflage incredibly interesting, and sometimes beautiful. It was a big deal when the United States Army and Marine Corps began changing their decades old camouflage uniforms to a massively researched digital camouflage pattern, and one that was actually substantively tested for field effectiveness. Now, a similar approach to camouflage is being applied to military vehicles and aircraft. The plane above is a Slovakian Defense Forces MIG 29 that has had a digital camouflage technology from the Canadian company applied to it. Frankly, I think it is gorgeous. Beyond that, though, it is also incredibly effective. This is much more than just a coat of paint. The finish that Hyperstealth employs is not only applied in a pattern that very effectively breaks up the shape and scale of vehicles and aircraft, it also has stealth properties by reducing radio wave reflection by as much as 45% on subsonic aircraft. I also found this image of the HCMS Calgary next to a U.S. aircraft carrier incredibly interesting, though it looks photoshopped: