“Racing Is Life. Anything That Happens Before or After is Just Waiting.”

The headline quote is a favorite line from Steve McQueen’s character in the movie Le Mans. It sums up well my current state of mind.

The events of this weekend are such as to make my wife feel like a single mother. That is because for those of us that favor motorsports, this weekend is it. There are races, and then there are RACES… and this weekend is definitely all about those. Yesterday kicked it off with the start of the , which runs through Sunday and is raced on one of the most complex and exciting racetracks in the world, one that I’ve been fortunate enough to lap many, many times. Today is the start of the , the coolest, most challenging, and dangerous series of motorcycle races which run through June 6th. Tomorrow is huge, with the run at the racecourse in Monte Carlo, definitely a favorite race. Check out this racecourse narrative from the BMW-Sauber F1 team to get a sense for how challenging Monte Carlo really is:

Tomorrow is also the day for the venerable , raced at the “Brickyard” in Indianapolis. Honestly, this is a weekend that makes me seriously reconsider not owning a television. I must strategically plan the entire long weekend with opportunities to intersect with places I might be able to catch the races on television. In between those happy accidents, I’ll be watching the live feeds from a series of about twenty websites.

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