Mazda Furai Concept, An Overdue Design Departure

Mazda Furai concept roof profile

I don’t love this car. I love what this car represents, which is a significant departure from the mainstream in racing car design. Motorsports, and automobile design as a whole, seem dominated by incremental, and sometimes imperceptible, changes. This concept, the from Mazda that debuted at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, is going its own way. It furthers the Mazda design team’s expression of its , or “flow,” design language that was unveiled earlier at the L.A. autoshow. The body of the car applies Mazda’s design language to achieve incredibly complex geometries that in some areas appear grotesque, while in others refined and beautiful. I especially enjoy the roof as presented in the image above. I want more building architecture that can achieve this elegantly complex folding and crossing.

The overall feel of the car is very organic… or alien. Your choice. After following automobile design and motorsports for just about my entire life it is exciting to see a manufacturer make a bold, radical move. It has been a while.

Here is the Furai looking tough in the pits:

Mazda Furai concept at the track

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  2. neyo Says:

    i could not agree more. i love the symmetrical lines and sharp edges. they are fully functional too.risky move for mazda but they really capture the hearts of automotive enthusiasts.

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