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Marc Newson: Gun For Hire

Strange that we live in a world where rockstar designers can walk the landscape of commerce as design mercenaries looking to be engaged by big companies that just can’t figure it out. That’s how Newson views himself. I’ve posted previously about Marc Newson and his work. He’s prolific, really, and comments himself on his expansive approach to designing object experiences. There’s something fetishistic here. Some are suspicious. Others get it. But it’s the work of designers like Newson that provide indicators to possible futures, and that address challenges that greater society is not yet aware we actually face. It’s as if design has become the new science fiction. His work is also imbued with an optimism that I enjoy, and I feel embodies that childlike enthusiasm for the future, and for figuring it out.

The video above is a brief interview by with Newson for the recent exhibit of his work entitled Transport. There’s also this short exhibition video showing some detail on the various pieces installed in the exhibit:

I’m pretty sure I am supposed to have that jet.

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