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action pad

I came across some new tools a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have had a chance to see them in action I am ready to report back to you. I cannot remember where I came across these guys (it may have been ) but somehow I landed on the blog for a company called that specializes in products that help you capture ideas and action. I am so all about that. I purchased from their site the Action Pad, Action Pad Mini, and Action Cards. It took a little bit of time to get used to the Action Pad, as I am one to take notes across and up and down an entire page. The Action Pad (pictured above) forces you to organize your notes so that you separate your next actions from the more general background information. It has a really cool section for your meeting preparation and to include any facts/names/details that have bearing on what the hell you are about to do or discuss. There is also a section called “Backburner” for issues/ideas that are not priority but still need to be documented for later action. I have to say, I love these tools. I use the Action Pad Mini as my daily phone log and to keep track of ancillary project time and use the Action Cards as a daily task list. I’ve read Getting Things Done, I’ve used a hipster PDA, and while those were interesting experiments (and components of each approach stick with me to this day) they have largely fallen by the wayside. Maybe the tools from Behance will, too. I can say that the quality of the papers used, and the colors and crispness of organization actually make me a little excited every time I open my folio at a meeting. They are fun to use. Behance also includes a very cool pamphlet with all of their products that outlines their Action Method, or how to maximize the utility of their tools. Check them out, I am really digging their approach and the products they have created. They have a terrific , too.

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