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Julius Shulman

Julius Schulman

There is an excellent article about in the latest issue of . I was familiar with his work, but really knew very little about the man. The article is a terrific primer on Shulman who, at nearly 97 years old, has just had published a three-volume set of over 400 images of architectural projects shot over his 70 year career. The set, from , is entitled Shulman began shooting modern architecture in 1936 when he photographed a house. Over the next few decades his client list would read like a who’s who of modern architecture and design. He photographed the work of my favorites, like Neutra, , and Rudolf Schindler.

I plan to own these books. Soon. Here’s a choice quote from the article:

“We’ve always had green - those of us that are concerned with the environment. So why should we suddenly discover that green is good?”

Julius Shulman

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