Apple And The Art of War

( January 9th, 2008 )

Apple unveils the tip of the iceberg (via Gizmodo)

The speculation around next week’s MacWorld 2008 was kicked into overdrive over the last 24 hours. Funny, the feelings I get before MacWorld are like the feelings I USED to get before xmas when I was a child. Giddy with anticipation. I guess that makes me a fanboy.

Anyway, the Apple store went down yesterday morning which is what happens when Cupertino adds new and enhanced products. When it came back online, Apple announces new Xserve and computers capable of supporting eight 30 inch flat panel monitors. That’s cool. But why do that now? See the image above, or at least that is the speculation of the respected gadget and tech blogs around the internet. This could be a great start to 2008, if that’s how you roll.

And to add incredible fuel to the speculative fire, suddenly was being passed around. Watch it, just for fun.

I feel eight years old again.

Update2 - Now the video is back. Enjoy. What do you think?

Update1 - Adding to the excitement, the video has been taken down. Trust me, it was very, very cool.

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Robots Claiming More Dangerous Jobs

( December 29th, 2007 )

Offshore oil platform

In the very near future, possibly as close as 2015, oil and gas drilling platforms at sea may be controlled and monitored remotely by humans safely ensconced somewhere on land. In a laboratory financed by , a simulated robotic drilling platform already exists to test systems and to prototype operations. Offshore oil and gas drilling is dangerous not only due to the confined space in which the heavy drilling equipment must operate, but also due to the variable weather conditions that can make human operation of these platforms problematic. And costly. Employing robotics to run the platforms will eliminate the risk to humans of running the platform, and also greatly reduce the cost associated with human operation. The insurance alone will be a tremendous savings. Additionally, robots will be much less susceptible to the extremes of weather and encounter fewer interruptions in operation. Though we’re still drilling for fossil fuels, this seems to be a much smarter and safer way to go about it. The utilization of robotics in an application such as this seems a logical extension of the technology, and a smart combination of automated robotic manufacturing with the use of remotely controlled robotics in high-danger scenarios such as urban warfare.

Clearly, we are very much at the beginning of the application of robotics technology in a diversity of industries, and this is partly because robotics technology is still in its infancy. But the technology advances exponentially, and we will begin to see robotics used in ways analogous to the automated oil platforms like mining, agriculture, firefighting and construction.

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