Apple And The Art of War

( January 9th, 2008 )

Apple unveils the tip of the iceberg (via Gizmodo)

The speculation around next week’s MacWorld 2008 was kicked into overdrive over the last 24 hours. Funny, the feelings I get before MacWorld are like the feelings I USED to get before xmas when I was a child. Giddy with anticipation. I guess that makes me a fanboy.

Anyway, the Apple store went down yesterday morning which is what happens when Cupertino adds new and enhanced products. When it came back online, Apple announces new Xserve and computers capable of supporting eight 30 inch flat panel monitors. That’s cool. But why do that now? See the image above, or at least that is the speculation of the respected gadget and tech blogs around the internet. This could be a great start to 2008, if that’s how you roll.

And to add incredible fuel to the speculative fire, suddenly was being passed around. Watch it, just for fun.

I feel eight years old again.

Update2 - Now the video is back. Enjoy. What do you think?

Update1 - Adding to the excitement, the video has been taken down. Trust me, it was very, very cool.

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