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Hubble Space Telescope: 18 Years and 100k Orbits Later, Still Ticking

There’s milestones, and then there’s MILESTONES. The seems to have achieved quite a few while making it look somewhat easy, though lately it has again run into some technical difficulties. As Hubble rounds out its 18th year in Earth orbit, its orbital counter has passed the 100,000th mark (100,023 at this writing) which is itself an interesting accomplishment. This translates into 2.72 billion miles traveled, which is altogether impressive. All of this, of course, while it has remained just a few miles above the Earth’s surface, snapping pictures like this:

2 Responses to “Hubble Space Telescope: 18 Years and 100k Orbits Later, Still Ticking”

  1. lonnie dietrich Says:

    this is the coolest thing that we have invented

  2. steve buckland Says:

    How cool is this wonderful invention of human kind. I am 50 years old and remember as a child looking wonderously into the night sky wondering what was out there, or whether anyone else was looking back at our little blue planet? I think some times we, and especially, the younger generation take for granted we can click a button and see these sort of images.

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