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Discovery Is a Narcotic. In a Good Way.

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Why yes, yes it is. I would be one absolutely addicted to discovery. It’s also something we discuss often at work in an effort to always challenge our concepts of user experience and how design is revealed through that experience. Above is an interesting presentation from the folks at that gets to the heart of this. I came across Mr. Tweet through . You’ve probably heard of Twitter, but by way of overview it is an online service that allows you to connect and follow a diverse audience of people. A Tweet on Twitter is as simple as answering the question “What are you doing right now.” Some people use it to talk about what they’re making for dinner, others use it as a hardcore marketing tool, one that facilitates and enhances connection, conversation, and authenticity. For everybody, though, Twitter is very much about the surprise of discovering new ideas, people, shared interests, and answers to questions that might range from the mundane to the immensely interesting:

“Discovery is less about predicting precisely right about what the user wants. It is more about the userflow of discovery, with all of the hits and misses.”

Mr. Tweet (from 2008 SXSW presentation)

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