Designing For Interaction - The Importance of Context

blue smokeSo many of us are focused on the end results of our efforts, on the thing… on the “deliverable,” that we forget in reality what we are designing are the interactions with the thing. I would argue that this is true for just about every design discipline, that we are designing interactions and our success depends on this. Some are better than others, and some organizations better at keeping this priority. But all in all, we struggle with the traditional approaches to design and with the role of the audience for our work in our process.

At the heart of this is the importance of understanding context, and the interrelationships that exist around what we are designing. Without this deep understanding, and the realization that what we are doing is not autonomous, we greatly limit the success of our work. For many, this is something very challenging to maintain focus on as most design disciplines only teach you to think about the end result of your work, to start at the end. Somehow the human factors considerations come later… or at least we hope they are included at all. We should always be putting the human factors first, and let these influence the rest of the design process.

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