Context Over Dogma

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model via BMW Design Group

is the sometimes controversial head of the global BMW Design Group, and he has worked tirelessly to move automobile design at BMW to a place where it can respond to both the demand for innovation and the needs of the user. He has put together a dream team of designers, engineers, and thinkers who challenge every convention of what an automobile is and how we use it. The most recent work from this team is the GINA Light Visionary Model pictured above. At the most base level, this dramatically effects the look of automobile design. At it’s most complex, it completely changes our relationship to this mode of transportation and brings out a level of emotion that I, personally, have not experienced in a very, very long time. I encourage you to watch this video presentation of the concept if you have any interest in the future of automobile design:

As far as I am concerned, GINA nails it by creating a seamless connection between form and function, by challenging every convention of automobile design, and by FINALLY bringing materials innovation to a point of influence that is beyond the shallowness of style. It is:

“Context over dogma.”

Chris Bangle – Head of BMW Design Group

Much more on this at , perhaps the best automotive blog I have yet experienced.

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  1. Says:

    H’wow! Very impressive.

  2. Lav Says:

    I want it also to be soft and cushioned to the touch

  3. Chris Bangle Moves On. | schneiderism Says:

    [...] for new vehicles, but also for incredibly visionary and forward thinking vehicle concepts (like the GINA Light Visionary Model). All of these, the good and the bad, found their DNA in the cohesive design language that Bangle [...]

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