Change For Good

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States

We, and many, many people that we know, have been cheering all day. Seeing Barack Obama inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America has been an immensely memorable moment. He seems determined, and ready to get to work. As should the rest of us. I am very happy that I changed my schedule today so as to watch the swearing in and hear Obama’s first address to the nation as our President. It was emotionally charged. It was an excellent speech.

Things already seem a bit different. We’ve seen engagement occur in politics in ways that probably defy any comparison, anywhere. People have been calling this “Politics 2.0″. I get that, having followed our new President on Twitter and via the blog at (now ) for some time. There seems to be an earnestness and honesty in this engagement of ALL of us, and it feels genuine, real, and purposeful. This matters, and it will be this authenticity that makes the hard work ahead seem all the more meaningful. We’ve also seen a President-Elect and his team mobilize like never before, and seem to grab the enormous challenges before them with a seriousness and coordinated effort that is inspiring.

I send my most sincere congratulations and support to our new President. I am incredibly optimistic, and feel motivated in ways that have shaken away the cynicism and jadedness that have restrained my political involvement for far, far too long. I believe that Barack Obama has rallied our nation around a good cause, and that really good work can be done here.

Now, let’s ALL focus, get to work, and help our new President out. We’ve got a nation to fix, and fixing it needs badly.

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