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Design Matters//Logos by Capsule

This book is not fetishistic, as many logo and identity books tend to be. Design Matters // Logos, by the team at , is an excellent and methodical review of the thinking, process and decision making behind a series of very successful identities created by a diverse group of designers (from to ). The subtitle “An Essential Primer For Today’s Competitive Market” gives this away. I appreciate and find it fascinating to see what designers and design teams worked through to get to the end result, to be privy to the strategy behind something as mistakenly subjective as a logo. Each identity reviewed is broken down into these sections:

  • Introduction - a brief overview of the situation and the objectives
  • Planning - the foundational work leading up to design
  • Creating - details related to the development of the identity
  • Implementing - how the identity was introduced and executed

It is an incredibly informative book, as well as being very well designed. Beautiful, really. The organization and information contained within lend themselves to repeat reading, and it is the kind of book that becomes a frequent resource for a review on identity strategy and inspiration. I found the extensive section on planning to be of particular value, given my penchant for strategy and well-developed rationale, and is something that any team setting out to create identity would benefit from reading… especially pages 36-37 which offers some great insights into navigating the complexities of the research process.

Full disclosure, I received this book from Rockport Publishers. I love free books, when they are good, and I recommend this one without hesitation and will be keeping it in my “active” stack of books. It rocks.

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