Back At It: schneiderism Being Fired Up

After some time away from blogging I am restarting schneiderism. Expect writing and insight on the same eclectic blend of technology, marketing, and design, as well as some new focus and perspective on understanding the change that pervades our experience.

Interestingly, despite being inactive here for some months, the monthly site traffic and repeat traffic has continued to increase. I attribute this to solid SEO and the breadth of material I have covered. I am especially pleased with how my posts continue to perform in key searches related to innovation and user centered design. Try a search for “Honda innovation”. That is one of several searches that continues to bring a lot of traffic that engages more deeply with the content on the site.

3 Responses to “Back At It: schneiderism Being Fired Up”

  1. Marius Koehnke Says:

    Great to hear. Your posts are always an inspiration.

  2. Ed Wilms Says:


    Very glad you’ll be back at it. I’ve missed the posts here – and I can’t seem to get into twitter

  3. Jeffrey OBrien Says:

    I didn’t think you had an off button, John. So how could you restart? Love your insights and have shared them with many.

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