About Community, By The Community

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This slide show is a presentation that was actually crowdsourced by (you can get the background at his site) about online communities, a truly excellent and inspired idea. Neil gave this presentation at a conference yesterday, and set it up like this:

“Almost everything I’ve learnt about how online communities work have come from being part of one, so I figured it would be best if I let them tell you how it all works…. So I put a post up on my blog asking people to contribute one slide on what they felt was important. Within 2 days, I had almost 30 slides from planners, digital specialists, strategists, researchers – some of the most reknowned thinkers in social media strategy. So these are mainly their words, not mine – I’ve added my own slides for the sake of context and cohesion but these are the words of the community, so as I go through please note the credits at the bottom of the slides.”

And the result… well, it’s pretty damn cool. Check it out.

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