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44,000 Tons of Steel

The Bird’s Nest via toomanytribbles

That would be 44,000 tons of steel and the equivalent of $423 million in construction cost. The Beijing National Stadium (pictured above in a gorgeous photo by ), often referred to as Herzog & de Meuron’s “Bird’s Nest”, is essentially completed after four years of very high profile construction. Though Herzog & de Meuron are usually given credit for the design, credit in fact goes to the incredibly effective team made up of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, ArupSport, and the Chinese Architecture Design and Research Group in collaboration with the team from Herzog & de Meuron. Regardless, this is an incredible project to have pulled off.

It’s a stunning structure. The massive yet delicate quality of the steel skeleton seems to defy the enormous scale of the building. The image below is a detail of the steel super structure while under construction:

Herzog & de Meuron’s Bird Nest detail

I love this image below with the light glinting off of the steel at night:

The Bird’s Nest at night

4 Responses to “44,000 Tons of Steel”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Have you seen the aquatic center across the street from this stadium? Also pretty cool…

    Nice to see you yesterday, sorry it wasn’t a longer visit.


  2. John Schneider Says:

    I have seen that, and it is really, really cool. I’ll post about it soon and just saw a great video of the structure on Youtube.

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